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How Chance Holding Increased Their Productivity through F&B Franchise Order Automation

And increased franchisees’ order accuracy with much fewer errors

The company behind Chatto with 40 outlets in Asia and presence in Brunei, Australia and Canada
With Boostorder Direct, our franchisees are now focusing on what they do best without having to worry about manual order logging or tracking. The reduced order errors were good for all parties involved.
Chance Holding Sdn. Bhd.

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The Problem

Chance Holding serves over 120,000 customers a month through their existing 40 outlets in Asia. When they first started Chatto in 2017, they processed their customers’ orders manually, which meant that they were running risks for human errors and wrong orders.

Their business venture was successful, and they were able to build their presence internationally. However, they then realized that if they wanted to grow their business further, they needed to improve their operation flow.

Their orders, hand-taken, were processed relatively slowly. Their staff also spent time having communicating back and forth just to rectify possible errors in the orders they’ve taken, which could take a toll on their customer experience.

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Manual processes leading to heavy workload

Chance Holding’s franchisees were manually placing orders for ingredients needed through emails. There was no single platform view for order tracking and execution in a timely manner.

Human errors in ordering process

Incorrect orders were common, leading to time wasted on rectifying orders. Operational costs were also increased through this avoidable ordeal.


Enhanced order speed & work productivity

Franchisees were able to place orders through BO Direct, which were also processed automatically. They were then able to focus on customer servicing and beverage preparation tasks instead.

Higher Order Accuracy

BO Direct reduces the chances of misheard or misunderstood orders, eliminating the number of wrong beverages produced. This reduces their operational costs stemming from wrongful orders.

The Implementation

Chance Holding loved the idea of having franchisees place orders for ingredients themselves, which would eliminate a lot of possible errors from miscommunication. However, they were also concerned about whether their franchisees would find their new self-ordering platform easy to use.

Boostorder gave them a detailed walkthrough of how to use their new direct B2B ordering app, which had a user interface highly similar to the B2C ordering experience that their staff were used to.  

Throughout this process, Boostorder also showed them how to upload new ingredients and products onto their app, as well as how they could check their existing stock to determine if they needed to place an order soon.

The Results

Chance Holding’s ordering process became much more streamlined and automated. Their franchisees reported lower order errors thanks to high visibility on their order history and order status.

Common ingredients ordered could also be quickly reordered in just a few clicks, which sped up the order process as well. Boostorder Direct automatically processes incoming orders from franchisees, so Chance Holding staff did not have to manually process or track each order. Any updates on these orders were relayed real-time for themselves and for their franchisees.

Chance Holding was able to reduce their overall order errors resulting from human errors, and process orders much faster than before, allowing them to focus on growing and expanding their business.

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