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How Everbest Enhanced their Field Sales & Merchandising Operations

And reduced their order capturing time from hours to 30 minutes


A household brand for soy-based food products such as bean curd, yuba, and vegetarian products.

Having implemented Boostorder solutions, we were able to reduce our order capturing time very significantly, and we enjoyed the full visibility on sales performance as well. Our retail shelves also have greatly reduced out of stock scenarios, and we were able to pair that with improved engagement with our sales and merchandising team.

Everbest Soya Bean Products Sdn. Bhd.

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The Problem

Everbest Soya Bean Products have been in operation for over 26 years, manufacturing and distributing their soybean products locally and internationally. Their trade grew enough to have a presence in 28 countries in total.

Throughout their operation, Everbest continued to perform a big majority of their field sales activities on traditional, manual methods. This meant that it was difficult for their field sales team to have information ready when needed, such as when confirming a customer’s credit limits and total amount due for invoices.

Traditional methods also meant that Everbest did not have direct insight into their field operation’s sales data, their performance, or their efficacy.


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Solutions implemented by Boostorder:

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Tedious, manual operations
Everbest’s traditional, manual operations made it difficult to view and manage their retail data seamlessly, especially when they also have new merchandising teams coming in every now and then.
Segregated data
Everbest did not have a consolidated area from which they could view their data, which mean that they were missing out on potential actionable insights for their revenue growth.


Improved order capturing & engagement rates
Boostorder’s solutions enabled Everbest to view stock availability and customer credit status, which improved their engagement experience with the sales or merchandising team.
Full visibility on sales performance
Boostorder Insights work seamlessly with Everbest’s sales team to show the salesforce activities and their performance in comparison to their individual goals.

The Results

With the new Boostorder solutions implemented, Everbest’s field sales team were able to view and track their own sales performances in real time with Boostorder Insights. They were also able to have a clear, defined view of when certain goods were going out of stock for their retailers. As such, the Everbest team was able to restock these retail shelves to ensure stock continuity.

At the same time, this enhanced visibility, paired with the seamless integration with Everbest’s accounting system via Boostorder Sync, meant that they were able to capture orders in a much shorter time than before. Last but not least, the real-time view of stock availability meant that Everbest’s sales and merchandising team no longer had to wait or check in with the back-end team for their own order history, ongoing purchases, and the like, enhancing their customer experience with Everbest.

The Implementation

Everbest provided Boostorder with information about their products and their field sales reps. From there on, Boostorder helped Everbest to sync their information directly to their existing accounting system, which would shorten their sales & order cycle very significantly.

Boostorder also guided the Everbest team on creating the fieldforce rep database and schedules for actionable insights with Boostorder Insights.

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