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How Rightway Apparel Reduced Their Operation Costs by 40% with Boostorder’s Data Automation

And improved their productivity by 4x

An apparel & activewear manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia venturing into the international market

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The Problem

Rightway Apparel had to manually update their orders, product listings and inventories due to the absence of an automated system. These repetitive, manual tasks took up a large portion of manpower, time and effort, while maintaining a high likelihood for human errors.

While their business grew, Rightway Apparel started expanding their market and venturing into international textile trade through merchandise import, export, wholesale and supply chain. The impact of their manual operation started to show through the increased operation costs, which greatly affected their overall profit.

They also needed to find a new market segment to venture into – one of the most challenging parts of their business growth as competition grows fiercer.

Apparel Manufacturer
No. of retailers:
4000 - 5000
Accounting system used:
Solutions implemented by Boostorder:

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Boostorder’s solutions have empowered our newly digitally transformed business to perform more in a shorter time. We managed to reduce our manual processes, increase number of orders processed, and employ 500 more micro agents nationwide to recruit more customers.

Rightway Apparel Sdn. Bhd.


Inefficient sales processes due to manual operation
Without any automation in place, Rightway Apparel needed a lot of manpower for all their business operation processes. They were unable to explore further business growth with these restrictions.
Increasing operation costs
As Rightway Apparel’s business grew, they needed to hire more headcounts to perform manual, repetitive tasks. Human errors also incur additional operation cost for the company.


Increased orders from better productivity
With their inventory, sales and order related-data visible through Boostorder, Rightway Apparel team saved time from having to manually update their product database while reducing the likelihood of human errors. They were able to focus their energy on better sales generation.
Higher order accuracy
BO Direct reduces the chances of misheard or misunderstood orders, eliminating the number of wrong beverages produced. This reduces their operational costs stemming from wrongful orders.

The Implementation

Rightway Apparel was enthused that their sales reps would find it a lot easier to data related to product prices and customer ageing report with BO Rep. However, they were worried that it would be difficult for some of their older sales reps to adapt to these apps, since they were much more used to manual note-taking for various aspects of sales data.   

Boostorder suggested for Rightway Apparel to implement their solution in stages – starting with BO Rep, before introducing and implementing BO Direct and BO Sync to help with their operation later on.

While the implementation and training processes were ongoing, Boostorder also showed them how to upload new products and their variations onto their system backend.

The Results


Rightway Apparel’s sales reps were able to increase the number of orders they take in as they expand their team to include 500 micro agents nationwide for higher customer recruitment.

With BO Sync streamlining their sales and order related data to their accounting system, Boostorder fully eliminated the need to re-enter these data. The presence of customer data and prices available on hand without having to check in with the admin or finance team also meant that Rightway Apparel was able to enjoy 4x productivity improvement, with 40% reduction in operation costs as well.  

Overall, RIghtway Apparel reduced most of their manual processes, and were able to break into new market segments thanks to the extra time they had to do research and data analysis.

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