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How Thong Guan Trading Increased Their Sales Coverage Area without Additional Resources

And improved their sales and order reconciliation

A KLSE-listed manufacturer and distributor of coffee and tea in Malaysia
Boostorder’s solutions have helped us to generate data and report on a daily basis – a huge improvement from our last monthly frequency. We were able to improve our sales and order reconciliation much faster, and along the way, increase our coverage area without any additional resources.
Thong Guan Trading Sdn. Bhd.

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The Problem

As a listed manufacturer and distributor for coffee and tea in Malaysia, Thong Guan Trading was selling and distributing their coffee and tea leaf products through their van fleets and field sales.

Everything from order placement, end-of-day sales consolidation and stock check to payment updates had to be done manually, which was inefficient and time-consuming.

As their company grew, they entered the plastic industry as well, manufacturing flexible packaging for industrial and commercial use. At this time, more than ever, they needed to achieve full control and visibility over their sales operation, which would require their operations to be digitized as well.

Thong Guan Trading was looking for a solution which could provide them a single-view of their consolidated field operation data for further expansion and strategic actions.





No. of retailers:


Accounting system used:


Solutions implemented by Boostorder:

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Lengthy time for van & field sales

Thong Guan Trading ran their van and field sales on manual tasks and paperwork, which was inefficient and time-consuming.

Lack of visibility

Thong Guan Trading could not see real-time data for their available stocks, sales, and overall performance for their field operation data, which were needed for actionable insights.


Increase in coverage area

Having improved their staff productivity, Thong Guan was able to increase their coverage area on the same resources.

Improvement in sales & order reconciliation

Full visibility on their sales and order related information has enabled Thong Guan to view and act on their business data. BO Direct reduces the chances of misheard or misunderstood orders, eliminating the number of wrong beverages produced. This reduces their operational costs stemming from wrongful orders.

The Implementation

Thong Guan Trading was unsure of how Boostorder Insights could help them to achieve their goals of data visibility and control. They were also worried about how their field force would adapt to Boostorder solutions, and whether or not their field force would utilize the apps as intended or needed.

The Results

Thong Guan Trading was able to improve their sales and order reconciliation. With Bosotorder Sync seamlessly integrated with their accounting system, they were able to increase their data and report generation frequency from monthly to daily.

All of Thong Guan Trading’s orders were directly added into their accounting system, and their finance team only had to cross-check and approve the transactions from their back-end, instead of leafing through paperwork and phone chat logs to key in these data first.

This integration was a big gamechanger for Thong Guan, which allowed their salesforce and van fleets to be more productive and efficient. Boostorder Insights also allowed their management to view and act on actionable insights about their business. As a result, Thong Guan Trading increased their coverage area without implementing further additional resources.

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