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How Wide Tropism Improved their Stock Accuracy by 80%

And increased their delivery efficiency


An importer & exporter of chemical-free and organic dry produce.

After implementing Boostorder Inventory, we were able to perform more accurate stock counts, stock transfers, and instant overall view of stocks available by different metrics. This helped us to improve our error rate as well.

Wide Tropism

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The Problem

Wide Tropism is a trader for dry grains and produce such as nuts, beans, seeds, raisins, spices, etc. With over 10 years of establishment, the company was distributing to over 1,000 retail outlets and served more than 1 million customers. Their growth also made it possible for them to establish their own OEM manufacturing and an online brand named Love Earth.

With high numbers of orders shipped out daily, their shipments were quite prone to errors, leading to high operation costs. Their large quantities of stocks also required a lot of manhours and time to complete each stock count session.

They needed to find a solution which would simplify their stock count processes and provide a real-time view of their existing stock.





No. of retailers:

1000 - 2500

Accounting system used:


Solutions implemented by Boostorder:

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Tedious stock count process

Wide Tropism’s stock count for their wide range of goods required plenty of time and manpower, which was the most challenging part of their operation.

Stock inaccuracy & loss

Large quantities of products being shipped out daily meant that any inaccuracies in handling shipping and returns would lead to stock loss, increasing their operation costs.


80% improvement in stock accuracy

Boostorder Inventory made it possible for stock count to be performed in different modes – document-guided or unguided, as well as by item, batch or serial number.

50% improvement in error reduction

The improved stock count methods helped Wide Tropism to reduce errors, stock loss, and along with it, operation costs. They were also able to increase their delivery efficiency.

The Results

Wide Tropism was able to rely on more accurate stock count data for their orders and shipments, increasing the efficacy of their delivery team. Wide Tropism also reported a 50% improvement in their stock accuracy after using suitable stock-count methods for their stocks in Boostorder Inventory. They also saw a 50% improvement in error reduction with the boxing management feature.

The Implementation

Wide Tropism already had a database of their products ready, so the implementation of Boostorder Inventory was very smooth. Boostorder showed the team how they could print QR codes for boxing management directly from the app and use these QR codes to instantly identify the contents of the boxes.

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