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Distributor Management System

End-to-end solution for distribution management

What is Distributor Management System?

In short, Distributor Management System (DMS) is utility IT system that is capable of monitoring, displaying, collecting, organizing and analyzing the movement of goods efficiently from a brand or manufacturer to its distributors, retailers and the end consumers.


Modern distribution management involves more than just the movement of goods from one point to another. It also involves gathering relevant information that can be used to identify key opportunities for growth in the market.

Product information management system (PIMS)

A centralized platform to manage, streamline and customize trade pricing tiers and promotions effectively to ensure timeliness and accuracy of digital catalogues.

Product Information Managements System (PIMS)-01.png

Sales force automation (SFA)

Empower your sales force by automating and streamlining workflows, simplifying sales processes and reducing the amount of manual repetitive tasks for sales reps.

Sales force automation (SFA)-01.png

Field force automation (FFA)

Increase visibility and field sales productivity through an all-in-one platform that allows field sales rep to execute and record daily tasks, place orders, collect payment and perform on premise stock counts and returns.

Field force automation (FFA)-01.png

Van sales

Eliminate manual processes and speed up sales cycle, from the moment the products are being loaded into the vehicle to stocking out at the end of the day, while gaining full visibility on inventory and payments.

van sales automation-01.png

Integration / API hub

Connect seamlessly between different platforms to create an enhanced commerce and finance experiences for both buyers and sellers, eliminating manual processes and reducing workforce redundancies.

API Hub-01.png

Warehouse automation

Gain full visibility of inventory from single or multiple warehouses, automate movement of inventory into, within and out of different warehouses with minimal manual execution.

Warehouse automation-01.png

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)

Eiminate paper-based delivery notes and orders, ensure smooth delivery through paperless, instant data capture of proof via QR code or e-signatures.

electronic Proof of delivery-01.png

DuitNow QR integration

Discover a new, fast and secure way to pay and receive money instantly via DuitNow QR code fully embedded within the Boostorder platforms anytime, anywhere.

Duitnow QR-01.png

Data & Intelligence

Real time, high quality analytics for actionable insights through customizable dashboards for your specific business needs and goals.  

Data & Inteligence-01.png

Boostorder Rep

All-in-one productivity and sales tool for sales and field reps

Boostorder Direct

24/7 self-service app for B2B buyers

Boostorder Inventory

Improve inventory accuracy and gain full visibility on inventory flow

Boostorder Sync

Integrates real-time data seamlessly through multiple platforms

Boostorder Insights

Interactive dashboards for data-driven decision making

Boostorder Cloud

Manage and store data securely

Boostorder Drive

Digitally plan and manage delivery fleets

Boostorder provides complete automation and complete visibility of B2B trade flows through its range of solutions:

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