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Integration / API Hub

Seamless integration for maximum agility

What is Integration / API Hub?

In order for businesses to be able to work and trade more effectively with their customers, sales force and suppliers, integration plays an important role to connect different platforms and software in an organization’s trading ecosystem.

Boostorder is able to provide seamless integration between remote platforms through its API (Application Programming Interface) hub that collects data from source applications, translates the data into specific formats and then sends it to another application through Boostorder Cloud and Boostorder Sync.

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Boostorder’s API consists of two types – Commerce and Finance

• Boostorder Commerce API that integrates data from ERPs and accounting systems to Boostorder Sync which will then be uploaded to Boostorder Cloud.
• Finance API that integrates data from the payment and lending capabilities of Boostorder Rep and Boostorder Direct

With the implementation of both APIs, businesses are able to automatically connect and communicate quickly and reliably, speeding time-to-market and improving efficiencies internally and externally.

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Sales force automation

Amplify your sales team productivity

Data & intelligence

Unlock the power of data in B2B sales

Product information management systems

Improve product information quality, consistency, and compliance

Warehouse automation

Ensure stock and order accuracy

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