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Visualize and Optimize Deliveries

What is ePOD?

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is a paperless and instant process of validating the receipt of goods by customers using digital signatures, photos and/or timestamps.

Eliminate paperwork and automate documentation

Paper-based proof of delivery systems often come with clipboards full of notes and documents, which can be easily misplaced or misread. Through the embedded ePOD features in Boostorder Direct and Boostorder Rep, delivery of goods can be automated and streamlined.


Using handheld mobile devices or tablets, delivery of goods can be checked anytime, anywhere, and drivers can instantly deal with cash or cheque payments and product returns.

Find out more about Boostorder Direct and Boostorder Rep here.

Systematic and Accurate Delivery

Through BO Drive, drivers can now plan their delivery routes ahead to increase efficiency and productivity. They can also execute and check off the tasks that have been pre-assigned to them for every location – Check In, Drop Off, Collect Payment, Return and Check Out.


Customers can also confirm the receipt of goods through digital signatures or QR codes, making the process faster and more secure as the proof of delivery is now captured digitally instead of a paper document.


For product returns, drivers can also document them in BO Drive with the additional option of credit note inclusion.

Real-time integration and updates

Boostorder Sync, allows the seamless electronic exchange of transaction details such as invoices, delivery notes, return notes and other delivery details. Upon confirmation of goods being received, the updates will be reflected on both the sales rep app, Boostorder Rep and the buyer’s self service app, Boostorder Direct instantly.

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