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Van sales

Full visibility on payments and inventory

What is Van Sales?

Van sales is a combination of sales and logistics orientated business process where each van is considered as a distributor and primary orders are booked on a daily basis. Generally, van sales is adopted by FMCG companies with fast-moving and low shelf-life products.

A digital twist to traditional processes

Boostorder Rep allows van sales reps eliminate manual processes and speed up the sales cycle, from the moment the sales rep loads the products into the vehicle to stocking out at the end of the day.

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Before departure

Sales reps can perform digital stock counts and stock in via the Boostorder Rep app, through multiple ways – QR / Barcode / Serial number / Batch / Box scanning. Boostorder SMART Plan feature also allows sales reps to plan and schedule deliveries and visitations more efficiently before setting off.


Arrival at outlet

With Boostorder Rep, sales reps are able to:

• execute all sales and delivery activity, including product pricing and promotions, online catalogue, real time inventory and customer history.

• verify product returns, process orders on-the-spot, and manage payments

• conduct on-premise stock counts to ensure product availability


Returning to warehouse

Sales rep can perform digital stock out and stock count easily using Boostorder Rep.

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Manage without micromanaging

With digitalized processes executed by on-the-ground sales rep, management teams can gain full visibility on the inventory and van sales team capability within just a few clicks through Boostorder Insights, with customized and real time dashboards.

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Seamlessly integrated with accounting systems / ERPs

Boostorder Sync’s ability to fully integrate Boostorder Rep with major accounting systems and ERPs help reduce operation cost, time, and human error significantly as sales administrative no longer need to manually manage and record orders.


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