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Consignment automation

Increase promoter efficiency and productivity

What is consignment automation?

Consignment inventory is a supply chain management strategy where brands and wholesalers store goods in a merchandise store without being paid until the goods are purchased by the end consumer.


Consignment automation, on the other hand is the process of automating or streamlining various steps or procedures in the consignment inventory process so that brands and wholesalers are able to gain real-time visibility and accuracy on the inventory and sales performance without having to wait for the merchandisers’ monthly reports.


It also helps reduce manual work by promoters, at the same time increasing work speed and productivity, enabling them to complete their daily tasks more efficiently.

Complete control over inventory flow

One of the benefits of using Boostorder Rep for consignment inventory is the ability to perform all stock checks and counts through a mobile app instead of stock cards, which speeds up processes and reducing human data entry errors. Immediate orders directly from HQ or transfer requests from other warehouses or outlets can also be made when stocks are low or out of order.

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Promoters are able to capture daily sales and generate sales reports through the app itself, to provide upfront sales visibility and speed up reconcialiation through Boostorder Sync. 

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Demand forecast through actionable insights

Product competition, promotional offerings and external factors such as seasonality have been a challenge to get an accurate picture of future growth, even with the use of spreadsheets. With Boostorder Insights, sales and inventory flow data can be captured and converted into visible and actionable insights for purchase pattern identification and data-driven strategic planning.

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Data & intelligence

Unlock the power of data in B2B sales

Product information management systems

Improve product information quality, consistency, and compliance

Warehouse automation

Ensure stock and order accuracy

Integration / API hub

Seamless integration for maximum agility

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