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Boostorder Inventory

Achieve full B2B inventory potential by ensuring stock and order accuracy.

Reduce tedious stock count processes via digitalized procedures, allowing a more effective, accurate real time inventory control. 

Stock In / Stock Out / Stock Count

Simple and accurate stock in and stock out processes by recording it in the app or scanning product QR or barcodes. Multiple locations stock count is also supported.

Digital stock counts with QR and barcode scanning allows a faster and more accurate counting process, whilst seamlessly integrated to backend systems to ensure real time stock availability, eliminate overstocking and wastage.

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Guided / Unguided Modes

Options of guided or unguided stock count available. 

Guided – stock count based on document in the BO Inventory app

Unguided – stock count without document as a reference

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Stock Count by Item, Batch, Serial Number

Stock count by item, batch and serial number makes the process easier and more effective especially for perishable goods that are produced in batches or have different expiration dates.

Snap-and-scan feature is available on both mobile and tablet to ease order capture.

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Boxing Management

Eliminate mess by digitally labelling products on-the-go into boxes and packages on mobile or tablet. Labels can be created and printed from the app itself when connected to a printer.

Content of the boxes are then easily identified by scanning the QR code on the labels without having to open them.

box print.png

Warehouse Management

Improve inventory visibility and accuracy by gaining real time view on stock count processes in different warehouses by different individuals. Counting processes by different people can also be merged in one click without manual calculation to reduce human errors.

Gain better control of inventory operations through stock count statuses and approving them from the backend after confirmation.

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