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Sales force automation

Amplify your sales team productivity

What is SFA?

Simply put, sales force automation (SFA) uses software automation to create and streamline workflows, simplifying sales processes and reduce the amount of manual repetitive tasks for sales reps.

What are the manual repetitive tasks that a sales rep will need to execute?

• creating quotations, invoices, credit notes

• making amendments on orders and sales documents

• keying in orders received into accounting systems

• journey planning for field salesforce

• monthly data tabulation

• sales and credit reconciliation

Get data visibility for actionable insights

Businesses may have a lot of data in hand, but many face the challenge of converting the data that they have into insights. Boostorder Insights allows sales team to gain unprecedented clarity and visibility through interactive visual dashboards:

• Prospect list

• Call rate

• Unfulfilled orders

• Mobile Sales report

• Rebate Monitoring

• Asset Monitoring

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More than just a sales team productivity tool

Boostorder Rep allows sales administrative create automated workflows and reduce the amount of manual repetitive tasks for sales reps, while having the complete history and data of B2B customer interaction stored in one place for easy access and visibility.

• Sales team journey plan

Manage your field sales force daily productivity through digital route plan optimization to maximize area coverage. Easily visualize your sales team and customers in one place to plan more efficiently.

• Customized task creation

• Clear insights on sales goals and KPI

• trade promotion

• trade agreement

• multi warehouse inventory management

Seamlessly integrated with accounting systems / ERPs

Boostorder Sync’s ability to fully integrate Boostorder Rep with major accounting systems and ERPs help reduce operation cost, time, and human error significantly as sales administrative no longer need to manually manage and record orders.

Digital B2B

Bring your B2B business from physical to digital

Field force automation

Maximize merchandiser and promoter productivity and Increase visibility

Consignment automation

Increase stock and sales visibility

Warehouse automation

Ensure stock and order accuracy

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